Project and Team

Trip Coin


The idea of ​​a bargaining chip was born in 2018, from the mind of Tripicchio Fabrizio Fondatore and creator of the project, when companies were looking for alternative forms of remuneration to traditional money.
Thus creating a team in 2019 for development:

Daniele Nuzzolo (BlockChain Developer)
Dodaro Fabio (BlockChain Developer)

developed the ERC20 Trip Coin Token in 2020 on the Ropsten network to ensure its correct functioning,
finally expected until the summer of 2021, following the Hard Fork Berlin and London updates, to place it on the Main Net Ethereum

At the same time, figures for Marketing and Press Relations
joined the Team
Drago Marilena (Social Media Marketing)
Forestiero Francesco (Press)

for the development of an ERC20 Token on the Ethereum network that could serve the purpose, listed below,


The most frequent cases were:
- company partnerships, which required a considerable economic and bureaucratic commitment from small and large companies, with an immediate cash outlay
- bureaucratic acts (notaries, banks, etc ..) due to legally crystallize the acts, involve a considerable additional expense.
- The remuneration of services and / or services provided, such as bonuses or similar, could only be performed against cash compensation, further disbursement from the company coffers
- Last but not least, corporate holdings involved decision-making power, which is often not applied due to practical issues and subordination in the corporate ranks

Trip Coin is proposed as a solution to all the problems listed

- company shareholdings can be divided according to the number of Trip Coins in their possession, which fully guarantee a share of the company both in liquidity and in percentages
- the bureaucratic deeds are delegated to the Ethereum BlockChain which crystallizes the operations in an immutable way exactly like a notarial deed
- remuneration of bonuses, company bonuses and the like can be paid directly by the company in the form of Trip Coin
- the amount of Trip Coins owned implies an equal decision-making power within the Company which can put, exactly as in a popular vote, decisions of small and great importance to the votes, all the carrying out of such voting process is always guaranteed by the Ethereum Block Chain, without the possibility of fraud or fraud.

With this we propose ourselves not only in the business sector, but in most of the processes and services where these proposals are applicable
Fabrizio Tripicchio (CEO) Trip Coin