TRIP COIN a new Italian cryptocurrency


Project, usability, liquidity

Trip Coin is a virtual currency that uses an Ehtereum protocol with the Erc20 standard and gives access to new applications, information and new theoretical and practical perspectives applicable in all fields and business projects, automatically signing each action directly in the Ethereum blockchain, without any human validation.

Trip Coins are special coins, the Project foresees the use in the Business field and the use of the same as prizes, participations, economic incentives to the companies that intend to adopt them, the small investment of today could be your capital of tomorrow.



Developed to promote business interoperability. They allow, based on the quantity in possession, to interact in the decision-making field by increasing and extending the governance of the Company, having a commercial value on the Uniswap Pool, they can be used as remuneration and prizes.


Currently for sending, receiving, buying Trip Coin, it is enough to have an Ethereum Wallet, (Metamask, Trust Wallet, Etc..) free download for Desktop / Mobile It is possible to buy Trip Coin by investment and by company capitalization: directly on Smart Contract or onUniSwap


Guaranteed by Uniswap through the Pool it is possible to buy, sell, exchange Trip Coin with any other Crypto Currency, the value will be updated automatically based on the exchanges made, when it is listed on centralized Exchanges it will have a higher value than the purchase one, a real investment for the future!


What are the coinable Tokens

Mintable tokens are ERC20 compatible tokens with an additional feature: new tokens can be created at any time and added to the total supply. Standard ERC20 tokens do not have this feature, which makes them a fixed provision token.

Role of the Minters

The Minter role is an address that has a special privilege to create new tokens, thus adding them to the total supply. The first Minter is the address that distributed the token contract. The current miner can add a new miner, renounce his privilege of being a miner or transfer his right to another address.

Here are some of the most interesting tokens.

  • Dai (DAI) DAI is a decentralized stablecoin pegged at $ 1 USD used in the MakerDAO system.
  • Status (SNT) Status is an open-source platform ...


TRIP COIN current applications and future prospects

The ERC20 standard represents the solid and safe starting point for future applications

Business applications

Trip Coin allows the internal development of any business platform that aims to improve performance in the reference company


In a company system divided into company shares, it is difficult to guarantee privacy and management based on the ownership of company shares, Trip Coins can completely replace a system of company governance, giving all its holders decision-making power based on the capacity.


A use that is well suited to companies operating in various fields are production bonuses, corporate governance (votes, decisions, etc.), staff remuneration

Transfer Token

Data migration or token transfer and validation is the strength of the protocol adopted by Trip Coin. Any operation takes place in real time and guaranteed by the Ethereum Block Chain, in which each transaction is validated and immutable.


To hold Trip Coins, exchange them or sell them, it is enough to have an Ethereum Wallet, nothing else is required.


Written entirely in Solidity and protected with SafeMath, it is a Solidity library aimed at managing and blocking integer overflow attacks on contracts, every operation carried out with this Token is stored in the immutable BlockChain of Ethereum, thus guaranteeing both anonymity and security of the transaction.


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Team Trip Coin

Administration, Development, Press and Marketing

  • T. Fabrizio
    Executive Officer and Founder

  • N. Daniele
    Technology Officer

  • D. Fabio
    Blockchain consultant

  • F. Francesco
    Press and Media

  • D. Marilena
    Marketing and Creativity